Currency Pairs

SGCM offers currency pairs on the Trading Station and MetaTrader 4 platforms. The first currency in a currency pair is the "base currency"; the second currency is the "counter currency". When you buy or sell a currency pair, you are performing that action on the base currency.

The global marketplace has changed dramatically over the past several years. New investment strategies are becoming more important in order to minimize risk, as well as to maintain high portfolio returns. Among the most rewarding of the markets opening up to traders is the Foreign Exchange market. Identifiable trading patterns, as well as comparatively low margin requirements, have rewarding trading opportunities for many.

In contrast to the world’s stock markets, foreign exchange is traded without the constraints of a central physical exchange. Transactions are instead conducted via telephone or online. With this transaction structure as its foundation, the Foreign Exchange Market has become by far the largest marketplace in the world. Average volume in foreign exchange exceeds $1.5 trillion per day versus only $25 billion per day traded on the New York Stock Exchange. This high volume is advantageous from a trading standpoint because transactions can be executed quickly and with low transaction costs (i.e., a small bid/ask spread).

As a result, foreign exchange trading has long been recognized as a superior investment opportunity by major banks, multinational corporations and other institutions. Today, this market is more widely available to the individual trader than ever before.

Spot foreign exchange is always traded as one currency in relation to another. So a trader who believes that the dollar will rise in relation to the Euro, would sell EURUSD. That is, sell Euros and buy US dollars.

Symbol Currency Pair Trading Terminology
GBP/USD British Pound / US Dollar "Sterling"
EUR/USD Euro / US Dollar "Euro"
USD/JPY US Dollar / Japanese Yen "Dollar Yen"
USD/CHF US Dollar / Swiss Franc "Dollar Swiss Franc"
USD/CAD US Dollar / Canadian Dollar "Dollar Canada"
AUD/USD Australian Dollar / US Dollar "Aussie Dollar"
NZD/USD New Zealand Dollar / US Dollar "New Zealand Dollar"
EUR/GBP Euro / British Pound "Euro Sterling"
EUR/JPY Euro / Japanese Yen "Euro Yen"
EUR/CHF Euro / Swiss Franc "Euro Swiss Franc"
GBP/JPY British Pound / Japanese Yen "Sterling Yen"
AUD/JPY Australian Dollar / Japanese Yen "Aussie Yen"


Trading Hours:

Monday till Friday (Summer) Hong Kong Time 7:00 am (Greenwich Mean Time GMT 23:00) to Hong Kong Time 4:00 am (Greenwich Mean Time GMT 20:00)
Monday till Friday (Winter) Hong Kong Time 8:00 am (Greenwich Mean Time GMT 00:00) to Hong Kong Time 5:00 am (Greenwich Mean Time GMT 21:00)

Margin Requirement

Intraday margin requirement 100% margin requirement per lot.
Overnight margin requirement 50% margin requirement per lot.
Hedged margin requirement 50% margin requirement per lot (each pair of locked lots: a pair of buy and a sell order)

Settlement on Lack of Maintenance Margin

When the maintenance margin ratio is below 30%, the all open positions will be closed automatically or to hedged (locked) all of the open positions by Internet trading platform against the current market rate. SGCM does not guarantee to settle all open contracts against the current market rate in volatile market conditions which may cause a debit balance in the client‘s account; Consequently, Clients will be responsible for any resulting losses after contract settlement.

Overnight Position

1. Overnight PositionAll accounts with overnight positions. When the account balance is no longer able to cover the minimum margin requirement of 50% per lot, and the client failed to deposit a variation margin later than the time as the SGCM prescribe,(at Hong Kong Time 4:00 am (Greenwich Mean Time GMT 20:00 Summer), Hong Kong Time 5:00 am (Greenwich Mean Time GMT 21:00 Winter) market close. SGCM shall have the right to hedged (locked) automatically all of the client‘s open positions with intraday closing price to limit the client’s risk.

2. New Balance = Cash Balance + Realized Profit/Loss - Commission Floating P&L = the Profit or Loss of open positions in the account calculated by the current evaluation price of the market Equity = A/C Balance + Floating P&L

Maintenance Margin Level

It is the customer‘s responsibility to monitor and maintain his/her margin account balances at all times. SGCM will not be responsible for any profits and loss due to price change whether during trading hours or non-trading hours.

Change Transaction Rules

The SGCM reserves the right to add, delete or change all the transaction rules which will become effective after published on websites of the company. Clients will be informed the change of margin requirement by system information of the trading platform. When an account balance is no longer able to cover the minimum margin requirement, all open contracts will be closed automatically / hedged (locked) against the current market rate. (Any change in the trading regulations above will be posted on our website without individual notification, the clients are advised to read and look out for the notice every time when you access the website.)