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Open a Free Demo Trading Account

Click Here to open a demo account: SGMT4 Trader.

Discover the benefits of risk-free trading before you start trading for real.

•    Open Demo Account
•    Discover the benefits of risk-free trading before you start trading for real
•    Full trading accessibility
•    Real time trading data stream
•    Advanced charting display
•    Upgrade your account to Live Account when you are ready for real trading

Why Open a Demo Trading Account?

Demo or demonstration accounts give you the opportunity to get to know our trading platform without having to risk any of your capital. You can create your trading plan, test your strategy and market view without having to fund an account and when you are feeling confident and ready for the real thing, you can migrate to a live account and start trading on your own personal funded account.

How Does a Demo Trading Account Work?

Demo trading accounts replicate the live trading environment as closely as possible using the same active price feeds as their live counterparts. You can experience the fluctuations of the market using a forex demo account without risking any capital. If you are new to the markets or simply wish to practice forex trading then a free SGCM MT4 demo account is for you. MT4 or Meta Trader 4 to give it its full title, is a state of the art trading terminal that is used daily by thousands of new and experienced Forex traders all over the world. MT4 is available free of charge for both demo and live trading accounts and it is packed full of useful tools and indicators to help you make the get the most out your trading experience.

Familiarise yourself with different order types

Online forex trading can involve many different order types or if you prefer instructions and a good deal of market terminology as well. But you can get to understand these technical terms and operations at your own pace. For example, you can place ‘stop losses’ which will close an open position when a particular price level is reached, ‘limit orders’, which typically open a new position at a specified price, if and when that price is reached. ‘Take profit orders’ which close an open position as and when a specified price or profit level is attained.

Real-time streaming data and advanced charting tools

A SGCM forex demo account provides users with real time forex data and an advanced charting system to enable them to keep track of that data and to identify price trends, as they emerge. As a user you can configure your charts to suit your own personal trading style as it develops. Whether you’re a shorter term scalper, mid- term swing trader or favour a long term positional approach, a demo forex trading account will allow to test drive your trading style and strategy risk free.

Our demo trading platform features a variety of chart types, with time frames ranging from one minute out to weekly or monthly periods allowing you to be as agile or strategic as you want to be. Advanced techniques used by professional traders such as moving averages, Bollinger Bands and Fibonacci studies can easily be applied to charts alongside many other indicators. As a SGCM demo trading account holder you can also add trend lines and additional studies to your charts. Once you are happy with your setup you can quickly save that chart as template for future use.

Your chance to practise trading without any risk until you are ready upgrade to alive account

You can use your free demo trading account or if you prefer your practice forex trading account to do just that, and play within the system to create your own FX trading style. Hone your forex trading skills, safe in knowledge that you are not risking real money and any losses are just on paper. Of course any profits you make are sadly part of the game too.When you are completely familiar with the way the market works and moves and you are happy that you understand the risks involved in trading forex, then it’s time for you to consider upgrading to a live account.