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Important Notice
• You may be charged a fee by banks for depositing funds via cross-bank transfer. For exact bank charges, please consult your bank directly.
• Skrill may charge a fee for funding your eWallet account depending on your funding method.
• Starlinggold Global Capital Market Limited “SGCM”does not accept funds for any trading account via a third party. The name of the credit card holder or wire sender must be the same as that of the Starlinggold Global Capital Market Limited “SGCM” account holder.
• Starlinggold Global Capital Market Limited “SGCM” can neither guarantee the receipt nor the return of cash deposits and 3rd party deposit.
• Starlinggold Global Capital Market Limited “SGCM” reserves right to return fund back to the source of deposit and Starlinggold Global Capital Market Limited “SGCM” cannot guarantee certain types of withdrawal options.
• For further information, please feel free to contact us on email us at

Credit Card Notification and Verification
All credit card deposits are subject to approval. If all information entered by a client is correct, a deposit request through credit card may be processed in real time and generally within only two business days at maximum. Deposit limits and other restrictions apply. Accounts funded via credit card may be restricted to receiving withdrawals via credit card. Initial deposits made with a credit or debit card upon request may require a recent statement or a copy of the card to confirm ownership. The cardholder's first and last name, as well as the last four digits of the card, must be legible in order for the statement/card to be acceptable.

Bank Wire Transfer Processing Time

Bank Transfer Methods Transferring Funds Within Processing Time
Account Transfers (Intra-Account)

• Same country

• Same bank

• Same local currency

Same day or next day
Local Transfers (Local Inter-Bank)

• Same country

• Different banks

• Same local currency

Within 3 days
Telegraphic Transfer (International) 

Transferring funds between

- different countries; or

- different currencies

Within 5 days

Subjected to bank operating hours For bank wire transfers, 'local currency' is only applicable within our list of accepted currencies

Before you fund your account through any of our online payment service providers, it is important to read our disclosure statement.

Deposit: Deposit Notification Form (PDF)

Withdrawal: Withdrawal Form (PDF)