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Revocation of Limited Power Of Attorney Form: Click here

Deposit Forms :  

Wire Deposit: Deposit Notification Form (Adobe PDF Format)

Withdrawal Forms:

Wire Payment: Withdrawal Wire Form (Adobe PDF Format)

Printed forms can be email a completed SGCM Account Form (PDF) .Thank you!

Announcement of Open Account

1.    Individual or joint account should provide:

•    The ID card or passport copies of all account holders, all authorized person and all beneficiaries.
•    Address proof for the last three months (Post Office Box is not acceptable).

2.    Corporate client should provide: Copies of the following documents certified by the solicitor/accountant/company secretary/director (except companies registered overseas):

•    ID card or passport copies of all directors and authorized person
•    Board minutes or resolutions for the account opening
•    Company registration certificate
•    Business registration certificate
•    Memorandum of the Association and Articles of the Association or equivalent documents
•    Financial Proof (e.g., bank account monthly statement, passbook)
•    The last audited financial report
•    The last annual return, notice on change of company secretary and directors
•    Director registration, shareholder registration and the minutes of the first board meeting (applicable to overseas company)
•    Personal guarantee by one of the directors
•    Copy of the address proof of the guarantor

3.    Download “Deposit Forms” on related website.
       It’s easy to register a live account online, just follow the steps:
       Fill and sign all the documents. Then scan your passport and ID card and e-mail to

Thank you for choosing Starlinggold Global Capital Market Limited. According to the prevailing money laundering laws, client must complete the above procedures before trading in Starlinggold Global Capital Market Limited

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